What to Do When You Don’t Have the Ball

During a game there will be times when you will not have the ball. So what are you supposed to do? Think about your pet dog? No, silly. How about waving to your friends and family in the stands? No, don’t do that either!

The best thing to do is to move to a place that is close to the basket. If you are open, your teammate can pass you the ball. Then you will have an easy shot to try! But sometimes the player defending you will stay very close. If that happens, do everything you can to move away from your defender. You will need to find a different place to catch a pass from your teammate.

Another thing you can do is called “setting a screen.” When you set a screen, you help your teammate get open for an easier shot. Setting a screen is easy. When your teammate has the ball, just stand completely still in the way of the person guarding them. If you move, the referee will blow the whistle and give the ball to the other team.

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