The Gear


Basketball players run a lot during a game. When they pick what shoes to wear, they want ones that feel good. Choosing what shoes to get when you go to the store is hard. There are tons of colors and styles. Everyone wants shoes that look cool, but remember that the most important part is that they are comfortable. If your feet hurt, you can’t play well. You want to look awesome and play great!


Did you ever watch a basketball game and see players wearing something around their heads, arms, wrists or knees? Those are called bands. Players may wear bands around their head or wrists to keep sweat from dripping into their eyes or onto their hands. Sometimes if you get sweat on your hands, the ball may slip away. Players who wear bands on their arms or knees may be hurt. Wearing a band helps them feel better. And sometimes players wear bands just because they like how they look. That’s why there are so many colors! Usually a player will wear a band that is the same color as the team they play for.

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